For High School Staff only: The COMPASS Placement Test is part of Columbus State's admissions and registration process. All students who plan to register for courses with reading, writing or math prerequisites must complete the COMPASS Placement Test. Placement testing helps to determine if students are college ready and identifies what credit and/or non-credit courses they are eligible to schedule their first semester. Our goal is to ensure that their courses are at the right level for them and not too easy and unchallenging and not so difficult that they would feel overwhelmed.

Testing Center staff is available to come to your high school site to administer the COMPASS Placement Test to your students. In order to provide you the best possible service, please insure that we receive your request four weeks in advance of the date you require testing. Knowing of your needs in advance helps us to prioritize appropriately and provide quality service.

Please provide us with as much specific information as you can in the form below and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. A member of our staff will contact you by phone or email within 3 business days to discuss your request. Should you have questions prior to completing the form, you can submit an email to


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