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Instructor: Paul Owens
BLKB-0160-SYN  Journals [1 Hour] (WebEx TC)

Seminar Description:

This seminar will introduce participants on how to use Blackboard's Journals tool.

Topics Covered

PLEASE NOTE The Location of this Seminar:

This seminar will take place completely "LIVE" online using WebEx Training Center. Attending via WebEx Training Center means that you can attend this training from the comforts of your home or office with no face-to-face meeting required.

In-order to properly attend this session attendees will need:

  1. A computer that is connected to the Internet via a broadband connection - such as Roadrunner, Wow, Insight, DSL, or etc.
  2. Should have either properly working speakers and microphone, or a headset with a microphone, enabling the ability to both hear and speak over the Internet during training.
  3. ALL attendees, that have never taking an ITI training using WebEx, will need to view a short instructional tutorial about how to be a successfully WebEx training participant.

Prerequisites for this session:

Date: 03/5/2013
Time: 12:00 PM

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