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Course Name: Full-time Faculty Orientation (Autumn 2014)
Course Number: FDFO 102
Course Begins: 8/28/2012 8:00 AM
Course Ends: 8/29/2012 3:00 PM
Course Location: CT 107
Course Duration: 31 hours
Instructor: Rich James

Course Description:

Faculty orientation is in two parts: An online orientation to policies and resources and a day and a half of in-person conversations about college resources and initiatives.

At your leisure you can view online orientation information at This page is designed with new adjuncts in mind but most of the information in the Policies and Practices, Campus Resources, Student Conduct, Disability Services and FERPA sections is relevant to full-time faculty. The site says to register for quizzes but you do not need to do that. We will have a review activity for this material when we meet August 18th.

The face to face meetings will be to more deeply discuss other issues related to policies, training, student support services and opportunities for faculty growth and leadership. Below is an agenda for the two days. If you are Annually Contracted Faculty you can choose whether or not to stay for the tenure process discussion. Documented work that occurs while an ACF can be used in future tenure portfolios. If you have been with the college since the middle of last academic year, or are moving to tenure track from ACF, you may skip sessions that are old hat to you now. A box lunch will be provided on the 18th and your chairpersons will be invited to attend. Coffee will be served both mornings.

Full-time Faculty Orientation

August 18th  CT 107








Welcome to Columbus State

Jack Cooley, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs



Policy and Practices Activity

Rich James, Program Coordinator for Faculty Development
Tiffany McClain, Director, Disability Services
Terrence Brooks, Program Coordinator, Student Conduct
Connie Grossman, Chairperson, Allied Health


Student conduct and incident reporting scenarios

Terrence Brooks, , Program Coordinator, Student Conduct

Joan Cook, Compliance Officer & Deputy Title IX Coordinator

9:45- 10:30


Counseling Services for Students

Ameena Kemavor, Director, Counseling Services


First Generation Students

Ron Elizaga, Assistant Professor, Psychology




Cultural Competency and Student Success

Brett Welsh, Director, Global Diversity and Inclusion


Student Engagement

Kim Rhyan. Director, Student Engagement and Leadership




Blackboard and Instructional Technology

Suzanne Patzer, Coordinator, Distance Education and Instructional Support


Tutoring and Early Alert

Lynn Giese, Coordinator Tutorial Program,
Developmental Education Department

Megan McWilliams, Retention Specialist

2:45 -4pm

Tuesday, August 19th


Planning Student Pathways:
Advising, Transfer and Career Counseling

Sarah Lathrop, Transfer Specialist

Chandra Bell, Director, Career Services

Desiree Polk-Bland, Dean, Advising and Student Support Services


Student Success Council

Tracy Little, Co-Chair, Student Success Council
Desiree Polk-Bland, Co-Chair, Student Success Council




Academic Council

Tracy Little, Chair of Academic Council


Tenure and Promotion

Holly Finnegan, Co-Chair, Promotion and Tenure Process Committee


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