Hostmanship: Hostmanship: Customer Service and Leadership reframed: The Art of Serving Others

Course Description:

Introduction to Hostmanship: Customer Service and Leadership reframed: The Art of Serving Others

"Hostmanship in the art of making people feel welcome.  Meetings where genuine hospitality is present and has its origin in that person, that organization or that place that has invited you.  Good Hostmanship means understanding the art of serving and realizing how much it enriches our lives."

Jan Gunnarsson, a hospitality industry veteran from Sweden in his book Hostmanship co-authored with Olle Blohm, challenges individuals to reframe their views of customer service and leadership.  At its core, Hostmanship invites us to rethink the customer service experience seeing ourselves as connected to the customer as host.  This shift transforms the interaction creating a "welcoming attitude" where we are able to share ourselves and our knowledge with our guests in every interaction. 

In this introduction to Hostmanship, we will discuss its foundation and principles as well as its application for personal and professional growth. 

We will take an hour "on your own" lunch break from 12:00-1:00 p.m.


(NOTE: If you would like to request an interpreter for a professional development event at Columbus State, please contact Monessa Bradford at or 287-2107.)


Course Duration:

6 hours

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