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Course Name: Online Faculty Orientation
Course Number: FDFO
Course Begins: 5/15/2013 6:00 PM
Course Ends: 7/11/2013 2:00 AM
Course Location: CT 107
Course Duration: 1352 hours
Instructor: Rich James

Course Description:

Regsiter here to request enrollment in the online faculty orientation.

Who should participate in orientation?

  • All new faculty, full-time or adjunct.
  • Adjunct faculty who last taught at the college before Spring 2014 semester.
  • Any faculty recommended to take orientation by their chairperson or lead faculty for their program or area.

(NOTE: COLS 1100/1101 courses have their own orientation. Contact Gary Piggrem, Chair of Psychology, COLS instructors are encouraged to review the online orientation but cannot be paid for completing it.)

Full-time faculty -- tenure track and annually contracted -- have in-person meetings before Autumn semester and throughout the year. You will be sent information about these opportunities.

The self-paced orientation is located here:

The online orientation will introduce you to global course requirements, reporting processes and campus resources including:

  • Getting started at Columbus State
  • Academic Policies
  • Creating an environment for learning
  • Student Conduct processes and support
  • Supporting students with disabilities
  • Classroom conduct
  • Technical support and information security

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