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Course Name: Can blue and white be green? Defining sustainability at Columbus State.
Course Number: ITG4
Course Begins: 4/23/2013 12:00 PM
Course Ends: 4/23/2013 1:00 PM
Course Location: WD 1094
Course Duration: 1 hour
Instructor: Rich James

Course Description:

As an institution, and for many of us as individuals, we value, support, and practice sustainability. But what does it mean to be sustainable? Can our individual, departmental, and institutional actions make a difference? How do we create a culture that encourages sustainable behavior? We'll begin a conversation on these big issues at Ideas to Go on April 23rd. Reflecting on definitions provided by US and international agencies, we'll discuss our understanding of sustainablity, whether it can be scaled to a college-wide level, and the challenges and opportunities for doing so. We'll conclude with discussing ideas for ongoing green networking, dialogue, and action. Nichole Braun, Academic Advisor, and Hari Ruiz, Grants Program Coordinator, will lead the discussion.
Ideas to Go! is a conversation series inviting employees to share knowledge, skills and ideas in an informal setting. A session host starts the discussion with a brief overview before moving to open conversation. Participants are welcome to bring a lunch, cup of coffee, news to share and, especially, your own curiosity and expertise. Want to host a discussion? Contact Rich James in Human Capacity Development (x2175).

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