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Course Name: Recognizing and Supporting College Students with Autism
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Course Begins: 10/25/2013 8:30 AM
Course Ends: 10/25/2013 10:30 AM
Course Location: WD 1094
Course Duration: 2 hours
Instructor: Lori Trent

Course Description:

Five percent of the students registering with Disability Services here at Columbus State have Autism. The total number of Autistic students at Columbus State increased nearly six hundred percent between autumn 2007 and autumn 2012.  This trend continues since the switch to semesters, and this trend is not unique to our campus.

Since 2008, 86% of the students coming to Columbus State with the assistance of the Autism College Transition Program and Disability Services have been retained into their second year of school.  A huge reason for their success is our commitment as a campus to recognizing and supporting students with Autism. 

As part of our commitment to intellectual diversity, a workshop entitled:  “Recognizing and Supporting College Students with Autism” will be offered during Disability Awareness Month.  The workshop will consist of an exploration of Autism and higher education and practical guidelines for teaching and working with students who are Autistic.  It will use feedback from participants, student work samples and case studies to discover what is most helpful when working with students on the Autism spectrum in the higher education classroom.

Mathew Wilson will be presenting.

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